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BIOEASY B. Brucella Ab Rapid Test Kit

Bioeasy B. Brucella Ab Rapid Test Kit is based on the gold colloidal immunochromatography technology, used for detection of Brucella Antibody in whole blood, plasma, serum and milk samples of cow, goat and sheep.
Brucellosis is recognized as a significant public health challenge, with major economic and financial burdens in countries where the disease remains endemic. Brucellosis is also known as contagious abortion, which poses significant economic risks through reproductive and productivity losses, and is an important health concern for farmers, veterinarians and consumers. Brucellosis in cattle is usually caused by the bacteria Brucella abortus. Bioeasy B.Brucella Ab Rapid Test Kit is a rapid, accurate and easy testing for B.Brucellosis.